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Maximize Your C & C Membership

How to Maximize Your Membership

1. Identify what you hope to gain from your membership Whether you’re looking to build relationships with peers and potential customers, develop professionally through educational workshops and programs, or raise your profile as a community leader, the C & C is the place for you and your employees to get connected. The Board and volunteers are here to help shape your membership into something specifically designed for you and your business.

2. Include your entire staff in your membership Your membership includes your entire staff, and the more they are involved, the more your membership will blossom. The C & C offers a variety of events and programs that will benefit individuals in all types of positions within your organization. Visit our events page for upcoming events.

3. Connect with fellow members Make meaningful connections with your business peers and prospects through member events, professional development roundtables and business celebrations. Extend your networking opportunities by joining the C & C's online communities on Facebook. Interact with our social media page by liking, commenting and sharing posts.

4. Get involved There are many ways to get involved with the C & C that will help maximize your membership: - Attending events is likely the best way to get involved. You get to know the other business leaders as well as a chance to interact with the Board. The C&C has a monthly membership meeting, which are takes place the first Wednesday of each month. - Volunteer on a committee or at an event. Show that your business is active in the community and giving back. - Sponsor an event or have a business booth.

5. Use online membership directory and do business with C & C members The online directory contains a list of C & C members with main contact information. These companies share your interest in making our community thrive and we encourage you to take a look at their businesses when making purchasing decisions.

6. Use the C & C as a marketing tool Whether you’re seeking to build your identity, generate leads, or spotlight your company, allow the C & C to help carry your message to the Fairfax area community. From website and directory business listings or print advertising, we have lots of ways to help you promote your story and build business credibility as a C & C member.

7. Let people know you are a C & C member Display your membership decal proudly in window or at your checkout counter. Post the C & C logo on your website, in your email signature, on advertisements, on your social media accounts, etc. When consumers know your business is a member of the local C & C they have higher consumer confidence in your products and services, your business is viewed as being more trustworthy and consumers are more likely to shop with you versus a competitor who isn't a member.

8. Read C & C communications Stay informed on C & C and community news by visiting our website! Have member news to share? Send to

9. Provide us with feedback To better improve the benefits and services we provide, we rely on your feedback to guide our efforts. If there is something you are looking for in your membership that is not being provided please let us know. Share feedback on your membership experience and contact with C & C Board Members.

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